Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welcome Back To The Funny Farm


....... "3-2-1 .... you're back in the room children"?!

And I'd like to, for those of you not familiar with my Funny Farm blog, this Autumn, to introduce you to where I live, and the story about to unfold..... but I'd like to unravel my story as I go, at my own pace, and in my own very special time and space.

With the very first serious autumnal gardening frost last night, I have today, MOSTLY harvested  a load of vegetables from The Funny Farm kitchen garden, including my Longest Runner Bean, grown for the annual Village Show at the back end of August that's only just remotely come to fruition (the bean, not the show?). 
And because I now RUN the show, the reason I've grown it, and today harvested it, is to dry the seeds, and distribute them next year, so that more than one single person might grow a 'Longest Runner Bean'- or what's the ruddy point of having a competition... (language Timothy?)

And for those of you who have never met my gardening cat before now - this is BC, and her own shadow is truly as gorgeous as she is, until it isn't, she isn't, and all of a sudden you find that you're bleeding.
Other than that, trust me, she's adorable.....?!

The other members of my Funny Farm Family, are my very grown-up Flower Pot Peeps, beautifully and exclusively crafted by me, and fondly known as 'The Flobalobs'.   Here, photographically very stiff and starchy, but you've not yet witnessed them playing tennis on the front lawn, or piling into my truck to go on a picnic, and until you do, believe me, you haven't remotely started to live.....

Now, unless I pointed this out to you proper today, none of you would understand how important this next photo is to me, because these guys (in the mirror) are the quiet Hero Blokes that have just both 'kick-started' my new business for me today by setting up my new Funky Nora blog, and all I did, was to cook them lunch?
Because.....I am, this very day, starting my own new business:
You are a part of it by reading this?
And Funky Nora is my brand name, so remember that you heard it first from me.

My Limited Editions are soon to be available, so please just sit back, relax, and leave everything else to me.
For now, keep safe, and keep warm, with my love.